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Kenneth E. Harker kenharker at kenharker.com
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On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 04:03:16PM -0500, Lance wrote:
> Amen!  I've been penalized because "they" entered NW0L or KN0L, etc!
> I got their calls correctly, why should I be penalized for their mistake(s)?
> 73, WN0L

In the specific examples you cite, you will not e penalized for their 
mistakes.  The log checking software will line up the QSOs despite a single
letter being incorrect, and will only penalize the station that copied the 
call wrong.  Depending on the contest, the UBN report might even tell you 
which other stations busted your call, and what they copied, and you will
notice that (unless you also miscopied their call) you do not get penalized 
for those QSOs.

The only way you can penalized for someone else's mistakes is if they 
(a) do not log you at all, or (b) bust your call so badly it cannot be 
matched up with your actual callsign.  The CQWW rules create a particular 
problem in the first case for W stations, but the latter case happens
so infrequently (and it's no more likely to happen to you than it is to 
one of your competitors) that it is not something anyone should worry 

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> > >>Fortunately beyond just making the Qs one must copy and log calls and
> > exchanges correctly.<<
> >
> > ...and pray that other people log YOU correctly, don't delete you from
> their
> > log (M/S "timing thing"), they don't press wrong key or computer doesn't
> wipe
> > bunch of QSOs or you will be punished with 4 QSO's removal "to punish you
> for
> > sloppy logging and teach you a lesson how to log properly".
> > Isn't it time to remove this 3 QSO "penalty" stuff?
> > It was meant to punish those who left the dupes in their old paper logs,
> when
> > you had the control over duping and it was justified then, but now?
> >
> > 73 Yuri
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