[CQ-Contest] NCCC Thursday/Friday NAQP Practice

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Tue Aug 2 20:47:57 EDT 2005

This week we take a break from the NCCC Thursday night sprint CW series, to 
warm up for the NAQP CW on Saturday, Aug. 6.  NS resumes on Aug. 11.

  Thursday and Friday 0230-0300Z(Friday/Sat. UMT).

        -- 1930-2000 PDT
        -- 2030-2100 MDT
        -- 2130-2200 CDT
        -- 2230-2300 EDT

Frequencies: 10m through 160m, around +35-40 and 1810-20.
Don't forget to practice moving needed mults to the high bands! 15m can be 
open past 02Z.

Rules: Same as the 'real thing' on Saturday.

  Report your scores and join the discussion after NA practice, on the real 
3830 SSB, at 0300Z - 8 PM PDT, etc..


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