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Bill k6km at northvalleywireless.com
Wed Aug 3 00:00:54 EDT 2005


Most points OK, but don't you think the magazine should actively
solicit responsible persons to manage the CQ contests? I think
they should do that.

The idea that, "I'm just a volunteer so I don't really have to do a
proper job" disgusts me. My local volunteer fire department
would never try to excuse sloppy performance as 'only volunteer'
nor would their supporters ever tolerate such excuses. If ya
accept the job, do it and do it right. If you don't want to do it
right, ask the managers to find someone else who WILL do it

CQ Magazine management IS responsible for the contests that
they support. Unless they improve the reporting and awarding
of their contests, the magazine will lose a LOT of its subscribers.
Including me.

Let's hope that this thread encourages the magazine and the contest
managers to improve their performance.

Bill K6KM

Andrei Nevis wrote:

>It has NOTHING to do with CQ Magazine. At all. 
>It depends on the management of that particular Contest, period.
>If it is take only FIVE months for CQ RTTY WPX Contest Director to publish the  Results and SHORTLY after then to ship out all the plaques, certificates etc - that means that this Director DOES the Job (of course not paid). 
>(CQ WW RTTY Contest takes, if I am not mistaken-about seven months to get their reuslts)
>If it takes almost a year (10 months) for CQ WW CW or SSB Contest to publish the Results and then in three or whatever years to send out the plaques - that means that those Directors are NOT doing their job, end of story. Simple.
>My personal exsperience - I did wait just two years after 1995 CQ WW SSB Contest to get my Plaque. 
>Now it seems things got worse. 
>The Director must go if he does not do his job but I doubt if here is any other person who will be handling all that paperwork, I doubt it. 
>So, the Director will stay, until he decides to reside by himself.
>The management of CQ Magazine and the management of any Contest is Not the same, guys. 
>You've gotta realize that.
>CQ Magazine is a GOOD stuff. Period.
>73's Andrei (I do not work for CQ in any sense:)
>Rick Tavan N6XI <rtavan at gmail.com> wrote:
>Good job! Three years is excellent from CQ. My best (worst) for
>receiving a CQWW plaque was eight years including three personal
>appeals to management.
>/Rick N6XI 
>On 8/2/05, N7MAL wrote:
>A month, or so, ago I received a Certificate from a 2002 contest. It
>took 3 years to get here. (I'll bet it only takes them 3 minutes to
>cash a subscription , or advertiser's, check)
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