[CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB. Mathematics

Simon Pearson lists+1 at attenuate.org
Wed Aug 3 10:20:33 EDT 2005

Timo OH1NOA said:
> This is not a legitimate QSO. My opinion is that you have to say N1IK's call 
> sign at least once, but his call can be said in more than one part. I 
> somehow even remember that CQ Contest Committee (or Bob) has commented about 
> this years ago.

Indeed, I agree 100%.

Without this confirmation both parties are not sure whether the QSO 
was legit. For example, how does N1IK know you got his call correct? 
He could well call you again later (thus he'll be a dupe if you got 
it correct), but then, depending on your operating practices as to 
whether or not you work dupes (I personally always do), you could 
send QSO B4, and then he has wasted your time and he's wasted his 
own time calling you again.

> N1IK
> IK 5NN A5
> N1IK 5NN 5
> N1 TU

Just perfect. No need to repeat the full call, just the part you 
were missing previously. Indeed, a lot of logging software behaves 
in this way (just sending the missing part, rather than the whole 
call). It should be de-facto standard, IMO.

Timo is always correct! :-)


Simon Pearson M0CLW
WWYC #452 | G6PZ CG

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