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Wed Aug 3 13:13:44 EDT 2005

John you said:""whose reason for existence is to sell magazines""
That was a giant over-simplification. Most likely they don't even break even 
selling CQ Magazine. They make profit from selling advertising. In order to 
sell advertising they need happy guys like us to buy the magazine. Well I 
for one, and many others, are not happy. I'm not even asking for internet 
results. CQ magazine sponsors various contests. The rules veary clearly show 
that if you do really good, for the catagory you enter in the contest, you 
will receive a nice shiny certificate. Well I did just that, in 2002 I did 
really good for my cataggory, and finally in 2005 received my certificate. 
That is totally unnacceptable and sadly it is not the first time for me and 
many many others.
Many of the guys on this mailing list, like me, stuck with CQ years ago 
during their hard times but I, for one, won't do it again. My paticipation 
in their future contests will be to give out points and submit my log for 
verification and until such time as they show a real interest in the contest 
community I won't be a subscriber.

MAL              N7MAL
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia

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I am not sure about this, but perhaps CQ Magazine is a for-profit business
whose reason for existence is to sell magazines, rather than to spend time
and money preparing the contents of their magazine for free delivery via the
Internet. Purely conjecture on my part, and I know nothing about their
business, but this is a possibility worth considering.


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>Andrei EW1AR/NC2N wrote:
> > The management of CQ Magazine and the management of any Contest
> > is Not the same, guys. You've gotta realize that.
> >
> > CQ Magazine is a GOOD stuff. Period.
>OK, in which case - where can I find the results online? I am not a
>subscriber to CQ Magazine, I have no interest in becoming a
>subscriber (not to mention the fact that I cannot afford it) so
>where can I find the full results online?
>The simple answer is I cannot. I have to find someone who is an
>existing subscriber to scan the results page to the web so I can
>view it sub-optimally as an image (JPEG, PNG, whatever). Not
>ignoring the fact that I cannot see the 'full' results from each
>category (just the top positions).
>If I cannot find the results on the web, and the results are only
>found in CQ Magazine then I'm afraid the contest has *everything* to
>do with CQ Magazine.
>Simon Pearson M0CLW
>WWYC #452 | G6PZ CG

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