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Thu Aug 4 13:39:15 EDT 2005

Not all contest adjudicators rely 100% on automation. For CQWW it is 
understandable that they have gone this way, because the task is huge. With 
the IOTA contest, which I manage, we use automated checking to highlight 
potential busted QSOs, but no QSO is actually busted by a machine - the 
final decision is made by a human being - some sort of ancient chemical 
processor, rapidly being rendered obsolete. And the task is a big one - we 
have typically 250k QSOs in the database (with CQWW I would guess it's over 
a million). If 3% of QSOs are broken, that's about 8,000 QSOs that have to 
be eyeballed, a pretty big task. But obviously more and more can be done by 
software each year - for example, the code to check whether a busted "O" 
might actually have been a legitimate "zero" can't be more than a few 

IOTA Contest Manager

On 8/3/05, David Robbins K1TTT <k1ttt at arrl.net> wrote:
> > Someone could write a little program to scrub a Cabrillo log for errors
> > like this before submission. i.e., "P Four OH is not a valid prefix." 
> And
> > logging programs, in fact, every program, should put a slash through
> > zeroes.
> Excellent idea... I will add that to the busted callsign rules that are in
> the n1mm logger. There must be some others like that also that I will add
> to the rules.
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