[CQ-Contest] SO2R Station Photo Site

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Fri Aug 5 11:01:19 EDT 2005

> Great pix Jeff, but I still wonder, why are they all so neat?  Most 
>of the 
> time here I can't find the radio under the junk.  73
> Tom W7WHY

It's what you don't see that is the key, Tom.

I was lucky to be on the front cover of CQ Magazine once when Larry 
Mulvehill was down here to take pictures of the JSC ARC (W5RRR) club 
station....While escorting him to the station, he asked if there were 
any contest stations he could photograph.  He makes it a practice to 
take pictures of stations in the city he's visiting on business 
whether it's for cover photo business or for other photo business...as 
this trip was.

If I remember, I set him up with K5WA (Rich Keller(now sk), not Bob 
Evans (ex-N5DU)), and K5DX.  On our way back to his hotel, he said he 
wanted to do my station.  So, we stopped at my house.  My desk is 
probably like your's, Tom.  But, what happened was we moved everything 
off the desk for that nice, clean appearance.  What was out of the 
lens' field of view were piles of papers, magazines, hardware, tools, 
cups, etc., on the end of the desk and on the floor.

I think some of it may still be piled there....


dale, kg5u

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