[CQ-Contest] CQWW results

Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Fri Aug 5 12:46:24 EDT 2005

All that I am asking is that CQ provide contest results to contesters who enter 
their contests on their CQ Contest website, PERIOD!
What if enough contesters got pissed off enough to quit renewing their 
subscriptions?  They would go out of business.
What is the problem of putting a .pdf or word doc listing of contesting scores 
on the internet that was previously posted in the magazine?
Many DX'ers and especially those in 3rd world countries can't afford a 
subscription, and even if they did subscribe chances are the magazine wouldn't 
reach them anyway.  Why shouldn't they be able to go to CQ's web site to see 
their contest score?  CQ's Bread and Butter is contesting.  They should provide 
more support to their contests.
I subscribe, but I don't want to have to sort through a stack of old magazines 
to check out contest scores for various contests over the years.
ARRL/QST does a great job of posting contest scores on their website.  CQ should 
do the same.

Lee Hiers wrote:

> You really don't get it.  You're still basically asking CQ 
> to provide copyrighted material for all to see without 
> paying.  
> I personally dislike CQ magazine, most specifically for 
> their apparent support of W5YI, whom I consider one of the 
> worst amateurs ever licensed.  Therefore, I no longer 
> subscribe.  The only issues I ever buy are those with 
> specific contest results which I'm interested in studying.  
> Under your plan of publishing the results for all to see, 
> they'd never see a penny from me.
> 73 de Lee

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