[CQ-Contest] Message to Natan W6XR

Walter O'Brien, W2WJO w2wjo at walterobrien.com
Fri Aug 5 17:35:29 EDT 2005

Natan W6XR:

I tried to get you on your other listed email addresses but they all  
bounced, sorry to the rest of this list for the bandwidth.

Please contact me off this list re: your request for operators. We're  
interested in more information!

73 Walter O'Brien, W2WJO

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> [mailto:cq-contest-bounces at contesting.com] On Behalf Of Natan Huffman
> Sent: Monday, August 01, 2005 5:45 PM
> To: cq-contest at contesting.com
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] ops needed
> I'm looking for operators to do MS or SOAB from my station in  
> Ithaca, NY. In
> 2005/2006 season.   SO2R setup, Alphas and stacked antennas.  If  
> interested,
> please let me know.
> 73
> Natan W6XR
> Ithaca, NY

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