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Whoa Big Fella: Let's slow down and take a deep breath. I posted the remarks about the 3 year wait for the certificate not because I give a 'tinkers-damn' about the certificate it's about the principle. I have not displayed certificates for at least 15 years, they get looked at and I give myself a pat on the back and then they go in a box. As a winner, of whatever category, if for no other reason than because you expended whatever time, money, and effort, you have the right to have your achievement rewarded in a timely manner. Every """HOBBY""" rewards high achievement by its members.  All I'm reading in these posts is a bunch of 'lame' excuses to justify a poorly run/managed contests by CQ magazine.
By the way the contest I'm referring to is CQ 160 CW, probably the minimum number of participants for any 'major' contest.

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  I agree 100% with Kelly on this.

  We should be operating the contests for fun.  Period.

  For those so desperate  for cheap wallpaper, because they didn't get their 
  so-deserved certificate 2 years ago, I'm sure I can rummage around the 
  garage and find a few dozen certs, still probably in their un-opened mailing 
  tubes that I'll be happy to provide on a permanent loan.

  Might even throw in some trophies or plaques that are sitting around 
  collecting dust.  You pay the shipping, of course.
  (And no one please write about how undeserving/ungrateful that I must be 
  that I don't appreciate the effort and costs that someone expended in giving 
  me an award.  Maybe when I retire from this game in 34 years, I'll sit in my 
  wheelchair, listen to my hours of contest tapes, fondle my trophies, if I 
  can still see them, and drool on my certificates.  Today, I just don't give 
  a hoot.)

  For those who complain about the lack of service provided by all the 
  hardworking magazine staff and Committee members, I am sure that they would 
  more than welcome YOU as an unpaid volunteer.  Drop K1AR a note, please.

  And supporting a contest should be more than just operating it.  Support the 
  sponsors too, please.

  Contesting is fun.  Contesting is good.  One hundred years from now, no one 
  will even remember that you (we) existed (except for maybe K1AR).

  Please stop taking yourself, and by extension contests, so seriously.

  Jim Neiger   N6TJ

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  > Hi all,
  > I can't help thinking, as I read all the kvetching about the way CQ runs 
  > its
  > contests (and I do have to wonder about the massive delays for some
  > certificates and plaques), that some folk have lost sight of the true 
  > reason
  > we do this stuff.
  > To me, at the end of a contest, if I can look myself in the mirror and say
  > that I had a good time doing it, that's the only thing that truly matters.
  > Seeing my call in Top 10 or getting a certificate is nice, but I don't 
  > live
  > or die by wallpaper.
  > If you're not enjoying a contest because you're worried how long it will
  > take to get your certificate, or how much you'd like to see the results 
  > but
  > you're too cheap to support the sponsor of the contest (even if it means
  > buying one single friggin' copy of a magazine), then perhaps contesting
  > isn't for you.
  > As much as I want everybody to get on in contests, if you don't love the
  > sport for the sake of sport, then why do it?
  > And imagine how boring sports would be if only those who made the big
  > leagues gave a damn about competing.
  > I think CQ could probably find a better way of doing things (perhaps ONE
  > volunteer for a contest's certificates isn't enough), but I'm not about to
  > berate those who give their time to send out 350 certificates only to get
  > shat upon by the sponsor for being a tenth of an ounce overweight.
  > This is supposed to be fun, folks. I don't see where the fun is in carping
  > about stuff all the time.
  > If you like a contest enough to give it a weekend of your time, paying at
  > least the cost of a single copy of a magazine isn't too much to ask, IMHO.
  > 73, kelly
  > ve4xt
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