[CQ-Contest] Contest Support

Rick Bullon kc5ajx at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 6 22:31:30 EDT 2005

Ok here my solution to the problem. If I don't subscribe to CQ ( and I 
don't) I will never see the results. If I win a cert or plaque I will never 
see it. So I will operate the CQ contests but never submit a log. If more of 
us do this then the log checkers at CQ will see the number of submitted logs 
fall sharply and maybe the will realize the problem. Also I will be a Nil in 
everyone's logs that submits a logs thus more people will be upset I will 
have fun in the contest and not miss anything as CQ doesn't do anything but 
make the rules No results for non subscribers and not cert. or plaques for 
the winners
For me it is a win win solution

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