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John Geiger ne0p at lcisp.com
Sun Aug 7 09:49:35 EDT 2005

CQ will let you earn their awards, even if you are a non-subscriber.  You
just have to pay a higher awards fee.  Not like that with the ARRL if you
live in the USA.

73s John NE0P

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> What I should also have added to my previous post is that there is an
> inherent fallacy in the argument that one should necessarily subscribe to
> Magazine to feel justified in entering its contests. Taken to extremes
> would mean that the active contester would have to join or subscribe to
> maybe 30 societies/magazines to be able to enter the full gamut of
> international and national contests. Clearly an absurdity.
> And, as has been pointed out, in many emerging nations the funds simply do
> not exist. Would-be contesters, hopefully, can borrow a club station or
> station of a wealthy (relatively) local or ex-pat, and submit by Internet
> from a local Internet cafe (usually freely available and not too expensive
> nowadays). But that's probably as far as their finances would allow.
> 'tis truly a dilemma!! Maybe we should sell TV rights to KC1XX and W3LPL
> during the "big ones" and all will be well!
> Don G3XTT
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