[CQ-Contest] CQ WW support etc

Alexander Teimurazov at at at-communication.com
Mon Aug 8 03:35:20 EDT 2005

 Question is quite difficult
 Of course is better for all of as if results will be avaible on the site but on the same time number of CQ subscribers will go down for sure because I dont believe that some contesters will still spend money to have subscribtion if they are will see results in Internet
 For example I become member of ARRL and have QST now only with the reason to see my ubns
 CQ CC committee today is best in accurate with my opinion checking logs very carefully
 On the same time Im not very happy with penalties they are have in the rules 
 I agree to be penalized if I get call incorrect but if Im not in the log of someone I dont think I need to be penalize
 There is the situation when I work some station on 4 bands in WPX CW contest and in ubn I see that Im not in the log after while I receive e-mail from one of the person and he approve to me that I was in his log 
 We all humans and can make mistakes
 CQ today sponsoring lot of contests and I think we need to support CQ also like they are supporting as
 CQ is dont sending certificates for the contest and thats very very bad 
 Thats reduce activity from some rare countries
 I remember days when we receive CQ certificates accurately and activity from Georgia (4L) was much much higher then now
 Saying that people dont need certificates for the contest its the same like say that DXers dont need QSL 
 Thats not correct atll with my opinion
 For my operation from D4 today I receive
 All plaques no certificates
 Plaque 2002 and certificate 
 Nothing for 2003,2004
 CQ WW 160 
 No plaques no certificates

I receive everything and very quickly but I will prefer that they are mention which place in the world and continent 

 Difference between ARRL and CQ anyway is in CQ nobody is get money for that and I think thats a problem 
 I think  thats reason Bob K3EST say that in CW contest I was ill and thats not true because I was ill in SSB contest and in CW contest I stop because equipment fault 
 Bob is dont have time to check propably because he is busy with another work
I offer several time help to CQ to help them out to send certificate 
 I offer them human and financial aid but its not accepted 
 I offer CQ also help with the trophies and trophies like subscribtion for CQ 
 I think many people will be happy to get subscribtion for CQ like trophy for good result in the contest but its also not accepted 
 I really dont know what to do but for sure something need to be change
 We talking about new generation of the contesters but I dont think we can expect that if we will not care about certificates,contest results etc
 Im sorry but some time its looks that we have different contest and CQ WW CC different and not connected to each other atall
                                                         73                                  Al 4L5A/D4B

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