[CQ-Contest] NCCC Thurs CW Sprint NS

Haddon/N6ZFO hounds1234 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 8 22:45:32 EDT 2005


   -- It's back after the NAQP CW break: NCCC Thursday CW Sprint is the 8th in 
our 11-contest summer series.  GEt on and join the fun, help the potential
winners snag those California wine prizes.  Competitions still undecided in
3 of the four regions. Still not much activity from non-NCCC stations in
CA/NV.  How about SCCC, anyone besides W6SJ??

  -- Re CW Speeds . . as we near the end, it's time to relax the 20 wpm in the
first 10 mins guideline.  But, continue to be courteous to the slower ops.
Remember, you need the Q's.

   -- Times: Thursday, 1930 PDT, 2030 MDT, 2130 CDT, 2230 EDT
14040, 7040, 3540 and 1810 for 30 mins. (0230-0300Z)

-- Rules at www.nccc.cc/pdf/ns_rules.pdf

   -- Extra reason for getting on: K6VVA has challenged N6RO and K6XX
      to make 66 Q's in 30 mins with the promise of major liquid prize
      to either or both if they do.  So . . get on and make the Locust
      pay by providing lots of Q's for N6RO and K6XX.  Also, it's your
      chance to get back at the Locust for all that e-mail.   The record
      so far is 55 Q's, so the 66 is a stretch.  [Records so far:
      K6XX/N6RO 55; N6RO/K6XX 51; N3BB 50; K4BAI/WD0T/N6RO 49; K5PTC 48]

As always:
           -- 30 mins
           -- Start 0230Z (1930 PDT, 2030 MDT, 2130 CDT 2230 EDT)
           -- 14040, 7040, 3540, 1810 (hint:forget 160)

-- 100 watts, dupes allowed after 1 intevening Q, 1 KHz QSY.
     Otherwise it's like the NCJ NA CW Sprint (see
http://www.ncjweb.com/sprintrules.php )

-- Report scores to http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score/.

Finally, remember 3830 at 0300Z for the weekly NCCC
contest net.

73 Bill n6zfo

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