[CQ-Contest] NAQP - High-power operations in a low-power contest?

Greg Richard k4no at mchsi.com
Wed Aug 10 19:47:48 EDT 2005

I hope it was a mistake filling out the form and not a trend.  The NAQP is
one of the best contest we have for getting new blood into contesting.  I'd
hate to see a bunch of high power guys enter this one and screw it up. If
memory serves me correctly, the power level was dropped from 150 watts to
100 watts to even the playing field.  The format is GREAT for the old guys
who can't do a 24/36/48 hour contest, or the ones who always want to fix the
SS by working stations once per band or change the exchange.  A SO1R station
can still put up an competetive score in the NAQP without much hardware.
It's a great format to practice SO2R, the Black Hole can win this one..etc
etc etc...You do have to be a math major to figure out a 30 minute break is
actually 31 minutes long.....

20 or 30 guys running HP can screw up a good thing.

Greg K4NO

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> Bill Coleman wrote:
> >I won't fault anyone who wants to run high-power in this 'test, so
> >long as they are just submitting a checklog.
> >
> >
> my guess is that when filling out the webform, the default is HP if not
> declared.
> -Steve, WM3O
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