[CQ-Contest] [VHFcontesting] What cost and expected benefit to compete?

ADUHAWK@aol.com ADUHAWK at aol.com
Sat Aug 13 19:49:21 EDT 2005

We're entering the "what is the value added" arena with entry fees.  For 
casual contesters, any fee would be a disincentive.  Many would protest loudly and 
go away mad. Those who mount contest expeditions are already paying out of 
pocket expenses.

Regular gas was $2.64/gallon in my neighborhood today; and I know that it's 
more than that elsewhere, but the 1000 miles we're going to drive during the 
September contest (14 mpg in our rovermobile) plus the overnight stay...

A $25 fee wouldn't keep us from doing it, but we would want quicker results, 
fancier prizes better publicity and more space in the magazine and on the 
website.  I dot think that the sponsors should use the funds as positive revenue 
generation.  Otherwise we'd already have the "Budweiser World Wide WPX."  

I think that this is one of those places that fools rush in.  No more pay to 

 73, Tim K0PG

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