[CQ-Contest] Pay to Play

Nzharps@aol.com Nzharps at aol.com
Mon Aug 15 13:57:28 EDT 2005

The current thread related to "What cost and expected benefit to compete?" 
reminds me of a response to fiscal problems in many American school systems. 
While not necessarily a complete analogy, ask any high school sports coach in the 
USA (yeah, I used to be one), how "pay to play" has affected participation in 
their teams. Most will tell you that it has had a dramatically negative 
effect on the number of participants. 

I'm sure that the same would hold true for contesting. While a few of us 
might be willing to pay a nominal fee to "play" in our favorite contests, many, 
many more of us would find other things to do on weekends.

Ron, K8NZ

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