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Art RX9TX rx9tx at qrz.ru
Tue Aug 16 11:56:16 EDT 2005

 Hello Jim,

 Monday, August 15, 2005 Jim Idelson wrote to CQ-Contest Post:

JI> Amateur sailors, golfers, fisherman, runners, card players, chess players,
JI> Scrabble [tm] players and those involved in so many more competitive avocations
JI> frequently pay a reasonable fee to cover administration of their events. I'm
JI> sure those fees are an impediment to some, but there are still enough players
JI> left to keep those events fully subscribed and competitive.

All  of  the  above  you  mention  can't  be  compared  with ham radio
contests,  just  because contesters are spread all over the world, but
for  sure  various WRTC-like championships is exactly the case. And in
case  of championships all necessary fees are paid. After covering the
expenses,  second  reason  for  fees,  I  think,  is  limiting  casual
"just_for_fun" unskilled participation. Serious victory pretender will
pay required fee, casual contester will not.

In  case  of  WRTC  -like  events  your  aim  is  to  limit  unskilled
particiation, while in case of CQWW your aim is to increase it.

JI> It's too bad that ham radio contests don't draw really big interest in the
JI> first place. This is evidenced by the smallish numbers of competitors in each
JI> category of competition. It's also too bad that so many of those who are
JI> involved in ham radio contesting don't have enough desire/motivation/drive to
JI> overcome a justifiable entry fee. Given this situation, I feel that this
JI> approach which works so well in other areas of amateur competition would be a
JI> dismal failure in ham radio contesting.

JI> I wish it weren't so.

 73...Art RX9TX      16-Aug-05 15:40 UTC


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