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Tue Aug 16 18:21:48 EDT 2005

I am very pleased to report that W1AW/5 IARU contacts have finally been uploaded to L.O.T.W. My QSL, on L.O.T.W. has finally shown up.
Better late than never,,,,,,,, 

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  You made an excellent point Bill. W1AW/5 & NU1AW have finished with their logs because they have made their 'BRAG' to 3830 so why haven't the logs been uploaded to LOTW? The rosters of both stations are filled with guys who use LOTW so they are familiar with the process.
  You would think/hope ARRL HQ stations could lead by example. You would also hope/think the ARRL would put LOTW, their own project, ahead of bragging to 3830.
  I am going to keep a watchful eye on LOTW and see how long it takes before my W1AW/5 QSL shows up.

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    On Jul 16, 2005, at 5:04 AM, N7MAL wrote:

    > This is an excerpt from the weekly ARRL Letter. It has taken awhile  
    > to get rolling but it is working very well. I've heard a lot of  
    > moaning and groaning because it's to complicated or to time  
    > consuming etc. So far I have DXCC so at least 100 countries have  
    > figured it out. It sure makes post contest stuff easy because all  
    > you need to do is upload your log to LOTW and you will begin  
    > receiving QSL's. It is a firm part of my post contest routine:  
    > email the log to the contest sponsor, brag to 3830, upload to LOTW  
    > and the contest is finished, it's really easy.
    > Try it, you might like it............

    What I find very interest is that - a full week after IARU - not a  
    SINGLE HQ station I worked has uploaded logs to LotW. Not even W1AW/5  
    or NU1AW. You'd think that the IARU member societies headquarters  
    would be able to figure this out.

    I don't have DXCC on LotW yet. If some of those HQ stations would  
    upload their logs, I'd be a lot closer.

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