[CQ-Contest] Welcome to the 11th CCF & OHDXF Contest and DX Meeting on 20-22 January 2006

Toni Lindén oh2ua at luukku.com
Thu Aug 18 07:59:11 EDT 2005

Contest Club Finland (CCF) and OH DX Foundation (OHDXF) are proud to 
announce the 11th CCF & OHDXF Contest and DX Meeting on the 20th - 22nd of
January 2006.

The meeting concept will be the same as last January - a cruise on Baltic
Sea, from Helsinki(OH) via Aland Islands (OH0) to Stockholm (SM) and back
to Helsinki.

Cruise schedule:

Fri 20-Jan-2006 17:30: Ferry leaves Helsinki (OH)
Sat 21-Jan-2006 09:40: Arrival to Stockholm (SM)
Sat 21-Jan-2006 16:45: Ferry leaves Stockholm (SM)
Sun 22-Jan-2006 09:55: Arrival to Helsinki (OH)

All times are local.

Presentations on board on Friday evening and on Saturday afternoon
(11:00-16:00 while the ferry stays in Stockholm). Contest/DX buffet on
Friday evening, a'la carte dinner on Saturday evening.

More details of special cruise packages, agenda, registration etc.
coming soon.

Stay tuned! Book the weekend now!

Information from the previous CCF & OHDXF meetings can be found on the CCF
web pages: http://www.qsl.net/ccf

73 es hpe cu /MM

On behalf of Contest Club Finland and OH DX Foundation,

Toni OH2UA

P.S. Interested in hosting a Contest/DX/Club suite on board?
Pse contact Toni, oh2ua (www.qrz.com/callsign)

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