[CQ-Contest] Remote Base

Jimk8mr@aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Sun Aug 21 14:07:08 EDT 2005

In a message dated 8/21/2005 1:48:13 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
bhorn at hornucopia.com writes:

The  location of the transmitter. This will be addressed in 2006 revised  

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (_bhorn at hornucopia.com_ (mailto:bhorn at hornucopia.com) ) 

The logical answer as I see it.
This might make for an interesting "rent-a-shack" proposition for guys  like 
WB0O, VY1JA, VY2**, etc.
73  -  Jim   K8MR 

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