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Richard Thorne rmthorne at cox.net
Mon Aug 22 08:16:00 EDT 2005

Hi Mal:

In your email you state "That gives him an unfair, very unfair, 
advantage over everyone else."

I'm glad you mentioned this and I'm not picking on you.  But this seems 
to be the common thread I have heard as I explain my remote setup to 

Having a station installed in a favorable location is nothing new and 
shouldn't be tied to a remote station as an unfair advantage.  For 
example look at the large stations around the country that have a great 
advantage over others due to location and station hardware.  Is it 
unfair for KC1XX to live in the north east with several towers and 
multiple antennas for each band just a hop or two from Europe.  Nope, 
sure isn't.  For the CQWW and ARRL dx contests I travel to K5NA's place 
to operate in Richard and Susans multi-ops.  I'm always amazed at their 
antenna system and available equipment.  My station could never go head 
to head with Richards, wether I operated my station via remote or in 
person.  I could go on with several stations around the country that 
have set up great stations that 'most' others can not compete against.

Its a matter of resources and how we apply them.  I decided to live in a 
neighborhood that does not allow antennas.  I solved that problem but 
installing a remote station so I can operate with a decent antenna 
system.  In my case a C3 tribander at 75' and some wires for the low 
bands.  Those were the resources available to me and I put them to use.

As long as the remote station itself operates within the rules of the 
specific contest there shouldn't be a problem.  And your right, the NAQP 
does not specifically address remote hf stations.  But it looks like 
Bruce will be adding some lines to the rules to address this.
The major contest rules address remotes (ARRL General rules 
specifically) which already do a nice job of addressing remote stations. 
They just need to be adopted by other contests.

I'm looking forward to being competitive as a remote contest station 
this fall.  I've been working very hard over the years getting 
everything interfaced properly.  I have a few more issues to resolve but 
hope to do so before October.  The single biggest advancement for my 
remote setup is the availability of high speed internet.  It solved my 
audio problem.  I'm also to a point where a computer at the remote 
location is not even needed thanks to serial/ip servers.


Rich - N5ZC

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For many years now I have been amazed at the way a subject, any subject, 
can get so twisted that it loses its original meaning.
Bob I'm not picking on you but you said:""I felt that the comments were 
made in a more general sense than just towards
the NAQP.  For example, his reference to W6RJ running "outrageous 
power".  ""
In my original posting I was referring specifically to NAQP and 
mentioned nothing else. My subsequent reply was to WA7BNM referencing 
his remarks regarding updating the NAQP rules. I don't know how my 
remarks could have been considered general. As for my comments about 
Bob, W6RJ, I used W6RJ as an example of remotes that can be and are 
being used today. I have nothing but respect for Bob and everything Bob 
has accomplished. He has been for many, many, years a proven DX'er and 
contester. I believe he has earned everyone's respect. That being said 
today, in time, he is using a remote base located at one of the highest 
points in the State of California. In addition he is running at least a 
KW. That gives him an unfair, very unfair, advantage over everyone else. 
It his right to use his remote base and is legal in every respect. He 
can, and does, compete with the east coast hams on 80/75m openings to 
Europe not to mention crushing those of us out here in the west on any 
opening. If he lived up on the mountain it would be different, but he 
doesn't. Saturday a friend of my was giving out points during NAQP from 
his house, on the east coast, via a remote TS2000 on a hilltop in 
Southern CA. I want guys w/remote stations to be able to contest, I want 
technology to move forward. But, at the same time, I think remotes need 
to be defined and some way segregated from the overwhelming majority who 
don't have remote capability.
WA7BNM has said they are aware of the remotes and will be working on 
rules changes. I have every confidence Bruce will get it right and am 
willing to wait for the new/modified rules.
Best 73

MAL         N7MAL
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia
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  I felt that the comments were made in a more general sense than just 
  the NAQP.  For example, his reference to W6RJ running "outrageous 

  I also think that the rules I quoted convey a basic understanding that 
  think most would presume would apply in all contests.  Specifically, 
  something as fundamental as a station definition and limits.  If we 
  all agree on something that basic, something is seriously wrong.

  The NAQP, you have to remember, and I know you do, was originally the 
  Party sponsored by ARRL.  I suspect that not including such rules were 
  oversight when the NAQP was established independently, rather than
  intentionally opening the door to allowing for remote receiver sites 
  multiple time zones in the NAQP for example.  I do think it would do 
  NAQP good to adopt the ARRL general rules as applying to the NAQP as 
well in
  order to help avoid this sort of "it's not specifically mentioned in 
  rules" stuff.

  I also don't see any harm in the use of remote stations, as long as 
  abide by the rules (CQ and/or ARRL).

  Bob W5OV

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  > Naumann - W5OV

  > What Bruce says is correct.  On what basis are you challenging his
  > statement?
  > Contest rules do not allow for remote receiver sites.

  Not to be obtuse, Bob, but the contest rules you quoted are for ARRL 
and CQ
  contests.  I find nothing in the four web pages of NAQP rules that 
  the topic or ties NAQP rules in any way to ARRL's rules.  I think 
  point is well-taken for NAQP, which is what the original question 

  Bud, W2RU

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