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Mon Aug 22 10:43:02 EDT 2005

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(About W6RJ:)
That gives him an unfair, very unfair, advantage over everyone else.<<

Just like those with electronic keyers, computers, two radios, amplifiers, 
big antennas, faster operators, smarter heads, remote stations, ...  - 
Geeez! Liberal "equalification" creeping into ham radio?
Let me 'splain: ham radio contesting is COMPETITION - technical sport, that 
involves technology (station, equipment, antennas) and operator (brains, 
endurance, skills, smarts...). The purpose is to advance the state of the radio art 
and use of technology. Not to have everyone crawling with 5 W into a wet 
noodle. (You can have THAT category too, if you desire.)

If you can master running remote station on Mount Everest and sit at home 
without hiccups and win contest, more power to you and our hats off (congrats RJ)!

As I said before, there are those who crawl, walk, runand ultimately, compete 
at the Olympics. It is your choice where you fit! Ham radio is unique that 
allows all those to take part in our contesting (Olympics) and have fun doing 
it. So pick your category and run like hell and have fun. Maybe one day you will 
grow up to be a champ, like many of those on the top of the listings. Just 
keep it according to rules and be a sportsman, not a cheater!

See you in the pileups!

73  Yuri, K3BU.us

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