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Tue Aug 23 08:09:56 EDT 2005

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k8do at mailblocks.com writes:
Unless, of course, you consider a good frequency fight to be an art 
form in it's own right...  I have never been run off a frequency in a 
contest... I have moved off when there was propagation change and an 
existing conversation became audible... I have moved when asked, 
politely, by a scheduled net...  But, I have never been run off by 
someone who claims he owns the frequency...  And even Riley is bound by 
the rules...
You're one of the few guys who can claim that.  Most of the big guns I know 
will fight for a while.  But even guys liike myself, who have mega-stacks, know 
when it is better to turn the knob and find a new run frequency.

Being in a contest is kinda like being in a bikers' bar.  That stool my be 
yours, but if you are only 5' 9" tall and some big 6' 6" SOB wants it, it 
sometimes is better to take a different one.  If you start to get that macho 
attitude and it clouds clear thinking about maximizing the score.  Macho doesn't win 

Bill K4XS

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