[CQ-Contest] NA QSO Party first timers results

Jimk8mr@aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Wed Aug 24 09:58:13 EDT 2005

Welcome to the world of HF contesting!  It's great that you had fun in  the 
NAQP, and I'll be looking forward to working you in future contests. 
A good thing about HF contests is that there is one (or more!) going on  
nearly every weekend. This weekend is the Ohio QSO Party. 
The OQP runs from noon to midnight (EDT) on Saturday.  The  full scoop is at  
 _www.oqp.us_ (http://www.oqp.us)    From WV you should have a  good shot to 
Ohio on 40 meters for much of the contest, and 80 meters from late  afternoon 
State QSO parties like OQP are great training grounds for contesting in  
general.  There will be top ops in there showing their skills, and there  will 
also be a lot of slower, more casual guys. The pressure is less intense,  with 
fewer frequency fights.  Though time in the chair is good in any  contest, you 
don't have to spend every moment at the rig to do well, and most  parties have 
lots of certificates and plaques for those who do well.
Especially when operating from out of state, it helps to have a map of the  
counties, both to serve as a multiplier check sheet and to familiarize you  
with the county names.  A great source of such maps, for all 50 states,  is:  
I hope you'll stop by and join us Buckeyes for the fun on Saturday.   And 
BTW, West Virginia has its own QSO Party, held in June.
73  -  Jim   K8MR

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