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Tue Aug 30 12:49:24 EDT 2005

Hey Kelly, thanks for asking.  Im sure Pat will see this eventually and may
even respond, but I'll send a reply too.  

Everything is fine here in Lafayette, Pat's station came through without any
snags.  He was even working on antennas right up until Sunday evening.
Monday's survey was all ok, and should be no problems expected for my CQWW
RTTY next month.  The Acadiana area suffered little if any damage from
Katrina, except at the southeastern most parts around Morgan City, Houma and
Thibodaux.  From New Iberia northward, all we really got was a bunch of wind
gusts and about an hours worth of much needed rain. 

This one was no where near as devestating to Acadiana as was Lilly 3 years
ago.  I personally had just purchased my house and moved in 3 weeks prior to
the strike, and luckily hadnt put up the tower yet.  However Pat did lose
about 6 or 8 antennas and a tower in that one.  

Unfortunately, our neighbors to the east didn't fare so well, and we're
still not hearing much information coming out of the Greater New Orleans
area.  Our best wishes and prayers are with them.

Lafayette, La.

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Hi all,

Has anyone heard how Pat or Ray, or any other cq-contest devotees, have made
out with Katrina?

I'm sure our thoughts are with anyone in the storm's path.

73, kelly

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