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for those who are asking about Don....

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> Hello friends.  I am safe in Shreveport, Louisiana but I only have
internet access at the public library.  I have 163 messages in my In Box,
many of which are from subscribers who are concerned about me and my safety.
I do not have time to go through all the messages now, but I hope to have a
better Internet connection in the future.  I do have my laptop with me.   I
want to thank each of you that have expressed concerned for my safety.
> First off, I want to tell you that I do not live in New Orleans or the
east bank of the Mississippi River so I am confident my home is not under
water like what you are seeing on TV.  I live in Harvey, Louisiana,  located
on the west bank of the river.  I have had many, many unconfrimed reports
that there is no water at all in my neighborhood.  The problem I will have
is, of course, my two towers.
> I do have a confirmed report that all the telephone poles lining a main
thoroughfare leading into my neighborhood all fell across one side of the
road from the northeast.  This is good.  This means that if my towers fell,
they fell behind my house (I hope).  Unfortunately, both towers, although
guyed, were attached to the house.  So I don't know if they took out a wall
if or when they fell or I guess it could be a miracle and they are still
standing.  The tower at my office is down along with the A3S beam.  That is
confirmed as someone has made it to my office in St. Rose.  The tower at my
office is the only damage or water in the office there, thankfully because
it is on the east bank.
> I have heard, but have not confirmed, that we will be allowed back into
the westbank on Monday, September 5, to assess our homes, gather the rest of
belongings, and then we have to leave again for as long as a month.  I have
both home owners and flood insurance, so I am in pretty good shape and do
not need any assistance at this time.
> Shay and I fled the storm Saturday afternoon and are holed up in a hotel
here in Shreveport.  It is a very difficult time for us as Shay is missing
some family members that did not heed the warnings and stayed instead of
evacuating.  And of course, it is very difficult to see the carnage on the
east bank and to see our beloved New Orleans in such total destruction.
> This is all I have for now.  If you have sent me E-mail, I promise to
reply to each and every one when I get a better Internet connection.  I do
not know when that will be.
> I did not take any radio equipment with me so I have no communications
other than my cellphone at this time.  If I make it back to check on my
house, I will make another post.  Hopefully I have a home to go back to.  If
not, I will rebuild.
> I will also try to post updates on my whereabouts and situation at
http://aa5au.com when possible.
> Please pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
> Thank you,
> Don AA5AU
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