[CQ-Contest] Another view for 1-pointers

Jan Erik Holm sm2ekm at telia.com
Thu Dec 1 01:18:48 EST 2005

I´m happy to read that you guys in North America
wants this.
By all means, I´m game, lets do it!!!

IX. QSO Points: One QSO point for contacts within your own
country. Two QSO points for contacts outside your own country
but within your own continent. Three QSO points for contacts
outside your own continent

73 Jim SM2EKM

Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
> K4XS writes:
>>Possible solution: dissolve the lower 48 US into 48
>>countries, about equal to EU.  That would be fun, at
>>least for CQWW.
> Bill, the solution is to adopt the CQWW RTTY scoring rules.
> In CQWW RTTY, "own country QSOs" are worth one point.  In
> addition US States and VE Provinces are multipliers.  Those
> changes would put US stations on (almost) even footing with
> European stations and would put the Caribbean/northern
> South America on an (almost) even footing with IH9, CAN,
> EA9, EA8, ZD8, etc.
> 73,
>     ... Joe, W4TV

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