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w4nz at comcast.net writes:
...I don't really think the impact of zero point QSOs on your points/QSO 
ratio is of any
significance unless the percentage gets *really* high..."

- agree, but "really" high is really relative. NQ4I's zero-point QSO's was 
around 9% while K5NA's
was a whopping 19%! Both felt the impact.
I did 40 single band in both WW SB and CW.

WWCW number of W/K QSOs for 40 meters:

K4XS:    91out of 1510
K3LR:    76 out of 1492
KC1XX:  46 out of 1436
W3LPL:  No numbers
NQ4I:     He'll have to chime in with these, but I know he has more than XS

WWSB number of W/K QSOs for 40 meters:

K4XS:    75 out of 1055
W3LPL; 99 out of 1096
KC1XX:  8  out of 1018
K3LR:   93 out of 1176
NQ4I:   He'll have to chime in, but he has a bunch.

Is it a problem?  If it is, it is more of a problem on SSB.  XX, LR and LPL 
around 8% on SSB.  LR, LPL and XS vary from 7 to almost 10%.  

KC1XX seems immune to most of this.   My guess:  He beams at EU most of the 
time as do the other three.  The difference is LR, LPL and XS all look into US 
population centers on the NE beam heading.  The same is true with NQ4I.  XX is 
just ground wave in W1 and the backs of his beams look toward W2/W3.

I will tell you this.  Had I operated 48 hours as K3LR did in the CQWW CW, I 
could have easily broken 150 USA QSOs without trying.

It would be interesting to get numbers from the MM outside of the East coast.

Bill K4XS

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