[CQ-Contest] Another view for 1-pointers

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Thu Dec 1 14:05:29 EST 2005

Steady on Joe, you are making me think that I am already over the hill at 

Then again, having a look at the recent high speed cw competition held in 
Zagreb earlier this year with under 16 year olds achieving speeds around 
100wpm, maybe I am !! Personally, I think the future of cw is still looking 
pretty bright. And lets face it, low power cw is still easier to read at the 
DX end, even more so if the DX end does not speak English  ;-)

I've been lucky to be at both ends of the DX (ZC4/ZD8) where you don't need 
to use a cluster but do need to manage a pileup. Now just a plain old 'G' 
call, it is great to actively search for stateside stations everywhere 
during the contest in favour of EU and getting a huge buzz working a good 
friend west coast running QRP 5watts (K6III) during CQWW CW last weekend. 
(good old grey-line !!)

It would be interesting to see what (if anything) comes out from the 
committee if they are following this discussion. It may change the strategy 
for some stations ? Maybe less US beams will be turned towards EU in favour 
of "local" contacts on the low bands !! A rule change would certainly get 
the strategists thinking  :-)

Best wishes,

Steve  G4KIV / ZC4BS  (and G6M  "low power"  last weekend)

>It is time for the CQWW committee to face the realities of an aging
>cadre of CW contesters, antenna limitations (CC&R/HOA control, zoning),
>etc. and review the current CW/SSB scoring rules.
>    ... Joe, W4TV

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