[CQ-Contest] CQWW Contest rule changes, zero points QSO's, etc.

N4XM Paul D. Schrader n4xm at iglou.com
Fri Dec 2 14:11:13 EST 2005

I have had to read so much of this stuff, I finally am driven to have MY say.

First, as a long time contester, I have learned that the rules are the same
for everyone.
There is some advantage for certain locations.  The ability to compete in a
given location is
accomplished by doing the best type of operating, etc. within the rules.
THE rules don't
matter, except perhaps as location related.  In most contests the 'EAST COAST"
has an advantage for several reasons; if you didn't like it you could
always move there.

Second,  in the "old days" US stations were STRONGLY discouraged from
calling CQ
as it cluttered the bands in such a manner that the DX was hard to hear.
Perhaps if it
were a rule that CQing was not allowed in the USA, the zero point QSO's
would also
decrease immensely and ALL would have MORE FUN.  I know I would certainly hear
better and the "EAST COAST" advantage would also be reduced slightly.

Third,  instead of complaining about zero point QSO's, realize that it is
the operating
method you have chosen (CQing), rather than the rules that is causing a
large number
(most) of them.  The other CQing stations are also having additional zero
point QSO's.

Fourth, I am not proposing any rule changes myself, but if I were they
would be:

1)  No USA CQing allowed.

2)  A SMOOTH GRADUATED multiplier for the total score based on station
This needs some effort to determine and perhaps would need to be determined
differently each year.  It MIGHT consist of two components-a pre contest
component and
an after contest component.

Examples  W1	 Score Multiplier of 1.0
                W2 	 Score Multiplier of 1.02
	    W4    Score Multiplier (determined by Longitude and Latitude) of
	    W5    Score multiplier (determined by Longitude and Latitude) of
	    W6    Score multiplier 2.0
	    W7    Score multiplier 1.9-2.2
	    W9    Score multiplier (determined by Longitude and Latitude) of

                An after contest location adjustment of no more than an
additional 1.10 X,
                determined by a group of ??????.  (1.0-1.10)  Could/should
vary by location.

	    Perhaps this should be a "by band"  multiplier system that is by location
                and by band..

One more comment.  We don't want to encourage more "local" contacts in a DX
by making them have a point value.  I remind you of the old time rule in
Contest that only allowed 6 QSO's with each DX country on each band (to
reduce the
local interference); and this was with a 96 hour contest!

Perhaps 1) should be considered?



Paul N4XM (ex W4BCV, WA6HQR)	

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