[CQ-Contest] 1 ponters for CQWW - A PROPOSED SOLUTION

Sherman Banks w4atl at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 2 16:48:42 EST 2005

This solution does not allow the CQing station to get a mult credit 
since 00 and not a 03/04/05 is sent.  It would seem to me that the best 
solution, in order to keep the "flavor" of CQWW, is to automatically 
give mult credit for your country and country's zone(s) for each band. 
Then, US stations would not need to make 0 point QSOs for the mult, the 
Europeans are happy since US stations aren't working each other 
inflating the scores for a "win", and scores are not dramatically 
changed keeping records intact.

> Excuse me for repeating myself, but when I posted this
> earlier NQ4I was the only one who picked up
> on what I had proposed.
> Let's reward each station for the QSO.  Let the calling
> station get multiplier credit for the
> same-country/zone (but zero points as it is now) but the
> CQing station gets 1 point for the QSO. To
> let the CQing station know that the caller needs the
> same-country/zone multiplier, let the caller
> send "00" (zero-zero) as the zone in his exchange. So
> everyone gets 1 point for each "00" zone they
> work and those who work stations in their same-country/zone
> get the multiplier but zero points.

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