[CQ-Contest] CWACing the Stew Perry Top Band Challenge

Radiosporting Fan radiosporting at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 4 13:47:43 EST 2005

Hi Folks,
Someone dropped me a direct note and said that some
may be hedging against joining the DXDashLogger
yahoogroup list for fear of receiving a lot of
unwanted ads.

Here's a strategy that works nicely...
* use yahoo.com to create a "phantom" e-mail address
* change the "Marketing Preferences" to UNcheck all 
  sources of marketing fodder
* use that yahoo.com email address to subscribe to
  the DXDashLogger at yahoogroups list

Doing this will get you the e-newsletter and access to
the DXDash Logger program (which is in the yahoogroups
file area).

Please, give it a try if you are so inclined!

Ev, W2EV

Information on the Stew Perry Top Band DX Challenge:

Information about DXDash Logger and a link to join the

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