[CQ-Contest] PAQSO Party changes

Michael Coslo mjc5 at psu.edu
Mon Dec 5 11:55:42 EST 2005

	The Pennsylvania QSO Party will be undergoing some additions for  
next October's event.

	We have always tried to encourage  fun over cutthroat  
competitiveness, and to encourage modes such as CW.

	In the spirit of the party, starting next season, we will add  
digital modes.

	PSK31 and RTTY will be added.

	Each QSO will count for 2 points, and count as a separate mode, just  
as you can contact someone once per each band on SSB, and CW, you  
will be able to do the same for PSK and RTTY.

	We have always tried to spice things up a bit, such as adding  
multiple location special event stations, without massively affecting  
the records.

	One of the big complaints, and one that I have experienced is the  
"Sunday Doldrums", when the bands are pretty much worked out, and  
lots of CQ calling, but only dupes to be had. Okay, get that computer  
out, and do some RTTY or PSK31!

	PSK31 and RTTY will be the digital modes allowed.

	- 73 de Mike KB3EIA -

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