[CQ-Contest] Leave CQ WW alone...roll up a new DX contest

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 12:08:51 EST 2005

>>I have had to read so much of this stuff, I finally am driven to have MY

My say would be that the ultimate rule alteration for DX contests would be to
adopt the CW Sprint QSY rule.  It would eliminate stations from staking out a
CQ frequency, would help mimimize the 'east coast advantage' in DX contests,
would emphasize skill over power and would put a permanent end to the debate
over who is cheating by using packet spotting because packet would be rendered
totally useless.  

Combine that with using grid squares as the multipliers and using the scoring
method by distance from square to square a la the Stew Perry Topband contest
and you'd have the ingredients for quite an amazing event.  Make it a 24 hour
event on both modes simultaneously like IARU so there is only one set of band
openings through the contest...wow.  A boy can dream, can't he?

I like CQ WW the way it is - no changes needed.  But a 24 hour DX contest with
the Sprint QSY rule, both modes concurrent, scoring based on distance worked
and multipliers by grid square would truly be one competitive, tough event.  

OK, back into my cave...

Scott W4PA

W4PA 2005-2006 Contest Calendar
Sept 11:  CW Sprint SOABHP
Oct 29/30:  CQ WW SSB SOABHP @ VY2ZM as VY2PA
Nov 5/6: CW SS casual operation SOABHP, home QTH
Nov 18/19:  SS SSB M/S as K4JNY @ K4JNY.  6 ops.
Nov 25/26:  CQ WW CW M/M - PJ2T
Feb 11: CW Sprint SOABHP
Feb 18/19: ARRL DX CW - unknown
Mar 4/5: ARRL DX SSB M/2 - PJ2T (tentative)
Mar 25/26: WPX SSB M/S as KM9P @ K4JNY
May 27/28: WPX CW SOABHP as KM9P @ K4JNY

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