[CQ-Contest] 160 M Dupes and congestion

W0uo@cs.com W0uo at cs.com
Tue Dec 6 13:15:07 EST 2005

Tom wrote:

"Another solution would be to not CQ on top of each other or leave more than 
50Hz space. "

>From my perspective "way out west"  I have heard, on several occasions,  
stations calling CQ on the same frequency that obviously could not hear each 
other.  Unfortunately, they often could hear the same station calling. It happens 
to me all the time, and if the timing doesn't seem right, I ask for a fill.  
Sometimes I get one, sometimes I don't.  I'm sure I don't catch them all.  

As far as space goes, assuming 500 Hz bandwidth filters, there would only be 
room for 130 stations to call CQ between 1800 and 1865. Not everyone has a 250 
Hz filter and my observation is that many stations could not place their 
signal in the 250 Hz passband of the CQing station.  I often observe errors as 
much as 300 Hz, well out side the passband of a 250Hz filter (300 Hz from the 
center frequency, well down the slope of the passband).  One of the lessons I've 
learned in low power and qrp contesting is that, often, a change in frequency 
with the XIT of + or - .1 KHz often makes a QSO happen.  BTW I observed one 
European station on 80 last night that consistently shifted his frequency 200 Hz 
off the carrier of the calling station. 

One way to improve  our use of the available bandwidth would to be a 
combination of use of 250 Hz or better filters and sending the callsigns from the 
station answering the CQ.  This will certainly decrease rates, and I'm not sure 
that there will be a net gain in score.

As far as comments go about stations CQing on top of stations holding the 
frequency, suffice it to say that this sport is as much about cooperation as it 
is about competition. There is no room for a "might is right" attitude.  BTW, I 
am finding that many frequency fights can be avoided by one of both stations 
shifting up or down as little as 100 Hz. It is a win win deal.  

This is not a flame!!!!

73 de Jim

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