[CQ-Contest] 160 window in ARRL 160m contest

Dallas and Lucy ludal at dmv.com
Wed Dec 7 06:39:32 EST 2005

     There are a couple of different issues here.  First, the ARRL rule does 
not say "initiated by the DX calling CQ".  Secondly, the "gentleman's 
agreement probably does not define what DX is.  The old adage - One man's 
trash is another man's treasure - probably applies.  In the ARRL citation, 
the term "intercontinental QSOs" would discourage contact between W, VE and 
all others in zones 1 thru 8 in the DX window.  In Europe, it would 
discourage contacts between stations in zones 14 through 16, etc.

    The gentleman's agreement does not affect the station calling the CQ, it 
merely discourages those who are not DX (for the calling station) from 
answering.  Again, the definition of what constitutes DX is often in the 
eyes of the beholder.  Does the "gentleman's agreement" specify a definition 
for DX?  I suspect not.

73  Dallas W3PP

> Whilst it seems to be generally accepted that
> 1830-1835 kHz (or possibly 1825-1835 kHz) is a DX
> window for normal operating, the DX window in the ARRL
> 160m contest is for quite a different purpose. It is
> to make intercontinental QSOs - initiated by the DX
> calling CQ - possible as part of the contest. For that
> reason it is highly desirable that NA stations do not
> CQ in the window.
> 73 Roger
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