[CQ-Contest] Jamming by the AD5 Station

W3DMB@aol.com W3DMB at aol.com
Wed Dec 7 06:41:04 EST 2005

Actually there could have been 702 total..   676  AD5 2x2 calls and 26 2x1s.. 
 ie. AD5A thru AD5Z..  But you're right.. it is still an easy search..
Jerry   W3DMB
In a message dated 12/6/05 10:26:03 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
kc1f at adelphia.net writes:

There  can't that many AD5s in Mississippi - there's only 676 AD5s total who
would  ever have been licensed.  I think you can search callbook CDs  by
prefix ?

Stu        KC1F

> If  anyone remembers this guys call could you please email me  directly.
> If you were jammed by this guy and would be  interested in filing a
> with the FCC please email me  directly as well.
> If you might have a recording of this guy I  would sure appreciate a copy
> way or another.
> I  remember the guy is in Miss and has his own website.  I am sure the  link
> is on my contest computer which is still packed from the  Montana
> Mike  W0MU


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