[CQ-Contest] WRTC2006 GREAT NEWS

Martti Laine martti.laine at kolumbus.fi
Fri Dec 9 01:31:18 EST 2005

My father, now your guests can be tax free - those coming from the European
high tax countries would be more relaxed! Always!

Plus contesters are always ready for a piece of culture, good music and
tasty wines!


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Subject: WRTC2006 GREAT NEWS

Dear Friends:

We are glad and proud to announce that our WRTC 2006 Project has been
approved as a "" CULTURAL INTERNATIONAL EVENT" last December 2nd, by the
Minister of Culture.
With this approval we are allowed to receive all incentives related with tax
exemptions, and other benefits for international cultural event in Brazil.
We would like to express our best and deep thanks to all the friends who
directly or indirectly cooperate with this achievement.
Thanks for supporting  WRTC2006.


Atilano de Oms
Av. Luis Alberto 1262 - Araraquara - SP CEP 14802-620

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