[CQ-Contest] Log them dupes

Tree tree at kkn.net
Fri Dec 9 13:28:20 EST 2005

During the checking of the ARRL SS CW logs, I found an interesting case 
that helps demonstrate why you should log dupes.

WP3R had an interesting entry in his report file, where a QSO number was
wrong, but wrong in a very strange way.  I will use K7RAT as the other
stations callsign so the following data is easier to understand:

WP3R appears in K7RAT's log at K7RAT's QSO number 153.
K7RAT appears in WP3R's log with a received number of 206.

The time that K7RAT has for his WP3R QSO appears to match the QSO number
that K7RAT was giving out at that time.

Also, the time of the WP3R log entry for K7RAT appears to match the 
time when K7RAT would have given out QSO #206.
It would appear the following happened:

K7RAT thought he worked WP3R at his QSO#153 - but WP3R was actually working 
a different station (with a slightly similar callsign).
WP3R called K7RAT with his second radio later in the contest - and got an 
exchange - but it wasn't logged by K7RAT since it appeared to be a dupe.
It is worth noting that the station WP3R called was a QRP station to boot.
Good work Rich!
In this case, I believe most, if not all of the blame, should go to K7RAT.
Technically, the first "QSO" with WP3R was a not-in-log.  Then the mistake
is compounded by not logging the real QSO.  There is nothing WP3R could 
have done differently to prevent this situation from occurring.
The correct judgement here is to count the QSO in WP3R's log, and at least
give K7RAT a busted received QSO number.  It might be more appropriate to
give him a not-in-log, but it really isn't a big deal (since this wasn't
a competitive log).  

So - the moral of this story is - you should log dupes.  You might end up
losing a QSO (and in this case, a multiplier) if you don't.  Had K7RAT 
logged WP3R the second time, the log checking software would have simply 
counted that QSO as the valid one and treated the first "QSO" as a dupe 
and ignored it.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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