[CQ-Contest] The Tenth Running of The Stew

lew lew at dsl-only.net
Sun Dec 11 21:42:55 EST 2005


    A good eating stew is a mixture of protein, fiber, spices and 
water. The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge is also made up of these same
substances.  It's the ratio of the mixings and how you ladle your RF 
nutrient out to the hungry competitors and how you consume their RF
offerings as to how much fun you'll have Dec 17-18. So..I've completely 
confused and nauseated you comparing food and 160M TopBand
contesting? Not a problem. Travel to the web site below and become one 
with the rules and the aura (not aurora) that the contest has.


    One of several of the unique things about this contest is that the people who care decide what should 
be honored by a plaque. The Boring Amateur Radio Club sponsors the Stew and offers anybody with a modicum of 
good taste and $50 the ability to sponsor such a category. These plaque sponsors are typically more caring and
better looking than their counterparts... say....the 6M operators, who do utilize grid squares but don't have
anything comparable to The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge.
 This years ever expanding list of plaque donors so far include:
Call                    Category
KL7RA                 Highest Number of QSO's
N5IA                  Most Grid Squares worked
K1PX                  Top Score, Low Power, Europe
K9DX                  Top Score Europe
N9ADG                 Top Score , Multi Op, World
N5ECT                 Longest QSO measuring DX
WD5R                  Top Score by contester age < 25 years old
W7TMT                 Top Score, Low Power, first time entry
KI7Y                  Sandy Lynch, W7BX/7J1ABV Memorial-Top Score Japan
K8ND                  Top Score, Single Op, Caribbean
N7KQ                  Top Score Central/South America
KB5NJD                Top Score, Vertical < 40' tall
W0OU/5                Top Score US/VE QRP
W2GD Team             Top Score Multi-Op Europe   
KS0T                  Top Score from Grid EN 
K7CA                  Top Score South of Equator 
N7JW                  Top Score Top Score from country that has never had an entry
K7RAT                 Highest number of QRP Stations Worked
NA0Y                  Top Score USA
N6TR                  Furthermost DX completed within 30 min of local noon 
VK6VZ                 Top Score, Antenna in space < 20mX10m- prize a 
Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia Hat

    There will be one more Stew epistle before the contest, so it's not too late to brew up your category
and let us know about it. The tension is mounting regarding the category for someone to win a never before
worn Official Boring Amateur Radio Club Tee Shirt. This, along with the complete list of the smart sponsors
will be coming soon. Bad behavior, boorish operating or general malfeasance on the Top Band, especially during
The Stew Perry Top Band DX Challenge may bring you an already worn, never washed Official Boring Amateur Radio
Club Tee Shirt...or worse. See you in The Stew! It's all about having some fun.
    73 and I remain,
     Lew  W7EW/W7AT
     Boring Amateur Radio Club Borer

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