[CQ-Contest] 10M contest from zero land

Lawrence Stoskopf stoskopf at tri.net
Sun Dec 11 23:01:32 EST 2005

No Eu for me from Kansas, but almost no Carib stns Sat.  Great E to W4 Sat, 
I think I worked them all.  Then Sun here came the Caribs, it was until 
about noon local when they finally were giving numbers greater than my 
logger showed.  Stateside was sporadic.  Then about 4 hours before the end I 
thought the Orion died, could only hear two TXns endlessly calling CQ (with 
some comers).  Guess someone put the lid back on central KS.  That's what 
makes it fun. 

Was sad to hear 5U (on somewhat 6W) calling CQ all morning with few takers 
at times.  5U was in here S9 for over 6 hrs both days. 


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