[CQ-Contest] 62 ohm coax cable

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Mon Dec 12 08:04:12 EST 2005


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>David Pruett
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>50 ohm in ]================={}=================[ 75 ohm load
>                 .0818w             .0818w
>                 75 ohm             50 ohm
>Because there are frequency-specific lengths of coax involved, 
>it's obviously a single-band system.  I've had these for 
>almost two decades at K8CC with no failures.  No ferrite 
>involved, but you do tend to get a lot of practice installing PL-259s.

What for do you need the many connectors?

Just solder the coaxes and use one connector at each end of the line
i.e. at 50 ohm points.

Or did I mis-understand this somehow?

Jukka OH6LI

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