[CQ-Contest] Stew Perry rules change

Tree tree at kkn.net
Tue Dec 13 16:44:01 EST 2005

There was a request from one station for a minor rule change in the Stew
Perry contest.  The Boring ARC rules committee met this morning and agreed
to the following change:  All antennas used for transmitting and receiving
must be located < 100 km from each other.  

The previous rule read that all antennas needed to be at the same QTH.

The intent of this rule was to prevent someone from using a receiving 
location far away from their QTH to improve the ability to hear stations
that would be otherwise impossible to hear.  The intent was not to
prevent a remote receiving installation that was nearby the transmitter.

Also - we haven't made much noise about it, but the multiplier for working
a QRP station is now times 4, not times 2.  This step will help equalize
the difference between QRP and the other power categories and possibly 
make the QRP category a little less desirable.  

One strategy that we have seen some people use who want to use both power
levels is to use a second callsign for a QRP entry.  During slow times,
they would dust off that call and hand out some nice x4 QSOs.  Then, when
the openings peak up, they would resort to high power and CQing.  This
type of operation is in no conflict with the intent or wording of the
rules.  Simply submit each entry as a separate log.  Please don't have
these calls work each other however.  :-)

Perhaps one of these QRP part time entries might be a the perfect place
for someone to try for the S&P only plaque.

Also - there will be some VE stations who would appreciate a QSO number
from you for their contest.  They will give you a grid sqaure in return.

See you in the Stew!!  This weekend from 1500z to 1500z Saturday/Sunday.

Rules and plaque info at web.jzap.com/k7rat/stew.html.

73 Tree N6TR/7

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