[CQ-Contest] wrtc 2006 SEASON'S GREETINGS

PY5EG py5eg at inepar.com.br
Wed Dec 14 07:36:02 EST 2005

RELEASE 026/05
Dear friends:
                        We all understand that is impossible to organize a
WRTC 2006 as nice and enjoyable as the previous ones, without the
cooperation of the entire Contest Community.
                        We got an enormous support from all the Ham world,
more than we expected, and we would like to express our recognition and
appreciation for such fantastic demonstration how devoted to our hobby we
                        We wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy
and prosper 2006.
                        God bless you brothers!
WRTC 2006 Committee
Atilano de Oms PY5EG

Atilano de Oms
Av. Luis Alberto 1262 - Araraquara - SP CEP 14802-620

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