[CQ-Contest] Conditions for 10m

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 14 21:30:25 EST 2005

Unusual propagation to Northern Europe has occurred for as long time.  Roll
the clock back to the CQ SSB Contest in 1970 (Now the WPX contest) and
conditions were predicted to be stinko.  Operating from Mississippi with a
Drake R4 line and a National NCL-2000 to a 7 el 10 meter beam at 72 feet
The first evening proved to be right on conditions
with a few Oceania and a loney South America put in the log.

On saturday morning the band opened with with Caribbean and Central America.
W5PWW beat me to a KZ5 with half the power and a tri-bander at 45 feet
(my beam was too high).  Then just after 1330Z a SM5 showed up and we
exchanged 5/9's and the only Stateside he worked was across the Southern USA
from Mississippi to Georgia.  W4DQD (Larry Price now W4RA) told me later he
loved it.   I went up to about 28580 and called CQ.  I stayed right there
for several hours working SM, OH, UA1, OZ, LA, and even a JW.  A few
Estonians came thru but weaker than SM or OH.  An Italian was worked over
North Africa on loud backscatter.

The next day the SM5 broke in to say he was tired of hearing me call CQ.

I set a North America of nearly 500K(as K5MDX) that stood until 1978 or 79.
I remember the K2 at a mega station telling me he only worked one OH and he
could not hear the others.

So it happens on 10.  Often more magic than 6

Dave K4JRB

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