[CQ-Contest] VE7FO's newbies will be on in RAC

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 16 05:54:39 EST 2005

Got 3 more brand newbies coming.  Had 4 but one got sick.  This will be 
the first time any of them will have been on the air.  They all got 
their tickets about 3 weeks ago.

When there aren't any here I'll be mostly on CW so there'll be lots of 
folks for them to work on phone.  I generally find that I can't get a 
newbie to the point where they're comfortable about running on their 
first outing (they have to look at a cheat sheet for the phonetics) so 
they'll be mostly S&P.  However, I expect to be on phone as well as CW 
on Sat AM.

If you want to see what times the newbies will be here check out

73 and Merry Xmas

Jim   VE7FO

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