[CQ-Contest] Packet Cheating

sawyered@earthlink.net sawyered at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 16 08:18:03 EST 2005

If you really want to nail packet cheaters...do it in Sweepstakes where it isn't allowed for single op or ARRL 10 etc.  I think the easiest way to cross the ethics 101 boundry mentioned by K4XS is to do the following:

1) Make it known that a few seeded bogus spots will be transmitted during the contest. If you log one and are claiming unassisted, you are "nailed" period, end of game.  Kind of like passing the state trooper with a radar detector at 80 and seeing the LEDs go full scale.  Can you say "toast!".

2) Take a few segments of contest and band map them from a few logs showing freq data.  You could compare every log (using a software process) that claimed unassisted and didn't show those stations in a freq decending order (random picks using packet instead of tuning the dial).  My guess is some submiters don't even realize how much the freq data exposes them, but for those that have figured it out and have disconnected the freq data, this sample band plan will expose them.

I have to say personally, that even if it was allowed, I wouldn't use it.  Kills the fun for me.  But if it is a rule, it should be enforced to some extent.

Ed  N1UR

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