[CQ-Contest] FW: What Software to use ????

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Fri Dec 16 15:05:35 EST 2005

This change in N1MM Logger was the fruit of close cooperation between N1MM and OM7ZZ, the MicroHam maker.  It was a USB-specific issue, the sort of thing that probably has to be expected and worked through in the early days of a new hardware configuration.  Right now, USB is still relatively new to the contest logging world, and MicroHam is playing pathfinder, which can lead to catching a few arrows along the way.  A year or two from now nobody will even remember these issues.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 01:43 PM 12/16/2005, Richard Ferch wrote:
>Oh gosh, since my previous post I just became aware of a change in the 
>latest version of N1MM Logger (5.12.0 - released this morning):
>"A change was put in that seems to mitigate the problem with
>microkeyers and FT-1000MP radios on Hyperthreading systems. "
>I guess I should withdraw my speculative comment about the likelihood of 
>hyperthreading causing problems with a logging program.
>However, Jose, even if you don't like N1MM Logger's user interface, it 
>might be worth your while to try this version out, if only to help narrow 
>down the source of problems. If the new version works but you decide to get 
>a different program anyway, and it turns out to have similar problems, you 
>and the program developers will have a big headstart on a diagnosis, 
>knowing that Tom was able to fix it by making changes within N1MM Logger. 
>And if it doesn't fix the problem, nothing has been lost.
>Rich VE3IAY

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