[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 16 15:47:17 EST 2005

What Steve, N2IC describes happens quite often even in the CQ 160 contests.

1.  The log checking software will identify any most likely close call signs
(probably several).

2.   If the calls turns up in a large nimber of logs with no log received I
look for an e-mail address.  failing that I send a letter asking for
confirmation that the statio was on and perhaps a list of calls worked.

3.  Any single op worth his or her salt will find and work the station.  I
think this packet or spot network
problem is far less than one world think.  Spots take the single ops
attention off working as many as possible even if they come up on the
logging screen.
As K1TTT has shown (and is actively used by CQ WW) a station claiming SO who
is using spots is easily identified and a good number of logs have been

4.  This is an instance where the call should show up on the exception
report and the log checker or checkers will decide if it counts.  If its a
bust then its out, if its a identified bootlegger then all are removed with
no penalty.  A famous example on the CQ 160 CW occurred about a dpzen years
ago when the Esat coast worked A VY1CA at 2300 to 2330Z.  Fred K3ZO called
it right and VY1JA said no such call.  I also had a bunch of Europeans work
A JT8 but it would be noon in JT so all those were out.  Anyone who is
operated a contest has had fake calls (or calls at unusual hours) call in.

The bottom line is its up to the log checker reading the exception reports
to decide.  How its decided depends on a number of factors that only happen
at that given point in time.  Most err on the side of accepting the call I
world expect.

73 Dave K4JRB

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